At American Auto Movers we realize there are many car moving companies that you can choose from and we realize that only makes your decision more difficult. One point that our staff continually encourage customers to do is to "do your homework" on the companies you are considering before making a choice. Some auto movers will quote prices that are unrealistic or they have a reputation for underquoting and being unable to deliver the service at that price and later try to increase the price. There are a lot of review sites that people refer to when they are checking out companies, unfortunately often review sites can be owned by transport companies themselves and can be misleading to how they actually conduct business. We refer people to the Better Business Bureau because it is a 3rd party that verifies complaints and will not allow anyone to remark unless it is verified.

Auto moving is a service that it not best to choose the cheapest service. Some people will speak with brokers as they are searching for vehicle movers. Working with brokers is not necessarily a bad thing. However, working with cheap brokers can backfire on you. Some brokers have "great" prices because the drivers they use have older or less reliable equipment. Of course with even new equipment problems on the road occur that can create delays. With proper equipment most of the delays are minor and auto movers are on the road every day of the year, so they quickly build up miles on their truck and need to be properly serviced. Again, reviewing the reputation of the company is important to know what kind of service you are going to get from your auto moving company. If you are not worried about when it gets picked up or delivered, this may be a good option for you to use a company that is cheaper and may have issues with picking-up/ delivering on schedule. American Auto Movers chooses to have reliable and experienced drivers that have good equipment. Of course, these drivers expect a higher wage as they have more experience and do not make easily avoidable errors.

When you are searching for experienced company to handle your car moving, give American Auto Movers a call and let us give them give you a quote. The years of experience has made them a reliable choice to consider when you want your move done properly.